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Suggestions on how the storage layout might look like

Storage Layout

SSD - Root - Raid-1 - 2x120GB

2 SSD-s

Root, where the OS (Debian) is running

  • 2*120GB-SSD's

SSD - VM Storage - Raid-10 - 2*1TB

  • 2 x 1TB-SSD's or 2TB-SSD's or more ssd's

HDD - Server Software installation - Raid-10 - 2x2TB

Place to install the software the server-vm need to run

Reuse 2TB HDD's from black-mamba 2 discs or more

  • 2TB-HDD's
SSD - lvm-caching - 1xSSD

Speed up the Server Software Install Raid lvm as we're gonna use LVM Logical Volume Manager for all storage

  • 1 * 120GB or 250GB of size or lager

to speed up the HDD-Raid